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BBC News with John Macintosh 约翰·麦金塔为你播报BBC新闻。

China's official news agency Xinhua says the government in Beijing has begun evacuating thousands of its citizens from Vietnam. 中国官方新闻机构新华社称北京政府已从越南撤出数千名公民,

It follows a wave of anti-Chinese riots triggered by a maritime row. XX reports. 这是因为海上争端引发越南反华暴力活动。

Xinhua said it had learned from the foreign ministry that 3,000 Chinese personnel had been evacuated from Vietnam by Saturday afternoon local time. 新华社称从外交部得知,截止当地时间周六下午已有3000多人从越南撤离,

It said the Chinese government was organizing chartered flights and ships to help more Chinese people to leave. 称中国政府正组织包机和船只来帮助更多中国人离开。

Beijing says at least two Chinese nationals have been killed and 100 injured in days of violent protests over China's deployment of an oil rig in disputed waters in the South China Sea. 北京称至少两名中国人被杀,100人受伤,当时因为南中国海有争议海域的钻井平台引发对中国的暴力抗议。                              

The French president Francois Hollande has been hosting an emergency summit with west African leaders to discuss the threat posed by the Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram. 法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德与西非领袖组织了紧急峰会,商谈尼日利亚伊斯兰武装组织博科圣地构成的威胁。

Mr Hollande said that at the time when over 200 school girls had been held in barbaric conditions,actions had to be taken. 奥朗德说200多名女学生仍处在野蛮环境中,因此必须采取行动。

There were two attacks by suspected Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria and Cameroon hours before the summit began.Hugh Schofield reports from Paris. 峰会开始前博科圣地嫌疑分子在尼日利亚和喀麦隆实施了两起袭击。休·斯科菲尔德在巴黎报道。

The talks produced agreements there will be greater coordination in particular between Nigeria and Cameroon, 会谈协议规定要加大协作,尤其是尼日利亚和喀麦隆两国之间,

two countries that have not always got on and across whose common frontier Boko Haram has been able to escape pursuit. 这两个国家关闭并非一直很好,且博科圣地总在两国接壤处逃避追捕。

There will be joint border patrols,intelligence sharing and some kind of rapid reaction capability. 两国将进行联合边境巡逻、情报共享并加强某些快速反应能力。

Whether the arrangement agreed here in Paris will do anything to bring back the more than 200 missing Nigerian girls is maybe too much to expect. 巴黎协议是否能帮助找到200多名失踪的尼日利亚女生还无法预测,

But looking ahead,everyone agrees that the answer to the Boko Haram threat lies with a regional more than national response. 但从未来看,大家都认为解决博科圣地威胁的办法在于地区应对,而不仅仅是一个国家的事。

A region in eastern Ukraine that says it's voted to break away has appointed a prime minister Alexander Borodai. 乌克兰东部曾表示要脱离该国的某地区已经任命亚历山大·波罗达伊为总理,

Mr Borodai said that what he called the People of Republic of Donetsk would apply to join Russia and would merge with Luhansk,another breakaway region. 波罗达伊称所谓的顿涅茨克将申请加入俄罗斯,并与另一脱离地区卢甘斯克合并。

In the nearby city of Kharkiv,leaders supporting Ukrainian unity held talks. 在临近城市哈尔科夫,支持乌克兰统一的领袖们在举行会谈。

The man who will become India's next Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi has offered prayers on the banks of river Ganges in Varanasi,regarded as sacred by India's majority Hindus. 在瓦拉纳西,即将成为印度新总理的纳伦德拉·莫迪在被印度教少数派视为神圣的恒河祈祷,

Mr Modi who led the BJP to a landslide victory in the general elections prayed at a Hindu temple and then performed a series of rituals. XX reports. 领导印度人民党在大选中获得压倒性胜利的莫迪在印度教寺庙中祈祷,并举行了系列仪式。

Hundreds and thousands of people have been waiting here in blistering heat to hear and have a glimpse of their newly elected member of parliament who did not disappoint them actually. 成千上万人在酷热中等待聆听和目睹这位新选出来的议员,当然莫迪也没让他们失望。

He did give a speech and talked about why he had come to Varanasi this holy city which was considered a place for Hindus 他做了演说,谈到为何来到圣城瓦拉纳西,这个被印度教视为神圣的地方,

and he said that it was River Ganges flowing right behind us which actually invited him to come here and do work and to help the people of the city. 他说恒河就在我们身后流过,恒河邀请他过来努力帮助这座城市的人们。

World news from the BBC. BBC世界新闻。

Graphic pictures have been posted online showing an extreme Jihadist group in Syria beheading a leading member of another Islamist rebel group. 网上一组骇人的图片显示叙利亚一个极端圣战组织在砍另一个伊斯兰极端组织领袖的头。

Activists say the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or ISIS carried out the execution of XX,known as the Tank  Sniper,because of his attacks on government tanks 活动人士称ISIS组织处决了人称“坦克狙击手”的人,原因是他袭击了政府坦克。

It's the latest evidence of the battle between ISIS and other Islamist rebel groups which denounce its excessive brutality. 这是ISIS和另一个谴责其极端野蛮的伊斯兰叛军组织战斗的最新证据。

Protests over perceived inadequate safety measures have taken place in several major cities in Turkey four days after a mining accident in Soma which killed 301 people.XX has more. 土耳其导致301人丧生的索马矿难发生后,几个大城市都发生了针对安全措施不力的抗议活动。

Here in central XX several hundred people are marching through the city centre. 数百人游行着穿过市中心,

Some people are wearing miner's hats,in remembrance of the victims of the Soma mine. 有的戴着矿工的帽子来纪念索马矿难的遇难者。

And they are chanting slogans against the Turkish government who they blame for not preventing the disaster. 他们喊着反对土耳其政府的口号,指责政府未能阻止灾难发生。

Tonight in Turkey's two other main cities of Ankara and Istanbul,there are also reports of protests. 据悉今晚土耳其两外两大城市安卡拉和伊斯坦布尔也举行了抗议,

And earlier today for a while, there was tension between Turkish riot police and protesters in the town of Soma,near the site of the now infamous Soma mine. 今天早些时候在臭名昭著的索马煤矿附近,土耳其防暴警察和抗议者发生了冲突。

The former financial trader Jerome Kerviel who faces three years in jail for fraud has said he won't return to France from Italy until he receives a response from president Francois Hollande. 因诈骗罪面临三年监禁的前操盘手杰洛米·科维尔称除非收到总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德的应对,否则不会从意大利回到法国。

Mr Kerviel wants immunity for potential witnesses who could testify in his favor over the near collapse of his former employer Societe Generale. 科威尔希望潜在的目击者能够免除他的罪责,希望这些目击者能在其前雇主兴业银行倒闭案中为他辩护。

Atletico Madrid have won the Spanish Football League by drawing 1:0 with Barcelona. 马竞以1:0的成绩赢得西班牙足球联赛,这是该俱乐部第10次赢得联赛,

It's the 10th time the club has won the league and the first time for ten years as a team other than Barcelona or Real Madrid has taken the title. 也是10年来除了巴塞罗那队和皇家马德里外第一个获胜的团队。

In England,Arsenal have won the FA cup.The London club beat Hull City 3:2 after extra time.That's the BBC news. 在英格兰,阿森纳赢了英格兰足总杯,伦敦俱乐部在加时赛后以3:2打败赫尔城队。BBC新闻。